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Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Flashback: The Last Trick-or-Treat

I heard a story on the news the last night about how some small Ohio town is making it "illegal" to trick-or-treat if you're older than 12.  Punishment comes with a $100 fine.  Pretty stiff punishment for a kid trying to score some free candy.  But then again, it's not cool when the older kids push the little ones aside in their race for a sugar high.
(That's me on the right - age 14.)
The story made me think back to my own YA days.  How old was I when I stopped trick-or-treating? I must have been younger than 14, because that year, while my best friend and I dressed up in matching genie costumes that her mom sewed for us, we went to the fairgrounds to celebrate.  It was supposed to be cool with a haunted house and all that, but it was actually pretty lame.  I'm pretty sure we spent a decent amount of time in the bounce-house, trying to hop while making sure you genie tops didn't fall off our non-existent chests.  (Ah... the good old days.)

But, I honestly can't remember the last time I donned a costume and went door-to-door collecting the good stuff.  Sixth grade? I dressed up as a 50s roller-skate waitress and my cousin was a 50s poodle skirt girl.  (Okay, trick or treating with roller skates is awesome, by the way.)  But after that, I just don't recall.  How sad it that?  No wonder I love Halloween so much as an adult.  I'm making up for a wasted youth!

When was the last time y'all went door-to-door (for yourself - not your kids) on Halloween?  Were you YA or MG?


Melissa said...

Last time was when I was thirteen. That's crazy that they are fining kids though... that's a little extreme

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