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Friday, October 1, 2010

Flashback Friday: Powder Puff

Fall is undoubtedly in the air (even here in Florida), and there are few fall activities I look forward to more than college football. (Ok, pumpkin patches and Halloween costumes are better, but that's it. Oh, and pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks.)  Anyway, all the football fever going around my house made me think back to Powder Puff football.
You remember! When the girls donned jerseys and cotton shorts with paw prints on their butts and the guys dressed up as cheerleaders and put on a pep rally in the gym. Isn't that how it happens in all high schools?

My powder puff memories are actually pretty pathetic. I got the uniform my junior year, but wasn't brave enough to practice, let alone play.  Let's just say I've never been known for my athletic prowess or my pain threshold.  I'm sure I went to the game, but I honestly don't remember it.

I do remember a sleepover the night before Powder Puff where all the un-athletic chicks (yep - that's me) stayed up too late and woke up early to don blue tiger paws on our cheeks before heading off to class.

Then, I didn't even get the uniform my senior year. But learned later that a girl in my class suffered a broken collar bone during the game. SEE?? I wasn't crazy about the little game of girlie flag football being dangerous. Girls are mean!

But now, as my little four year old daughter screams at the television, encouraging players to "get him" or announcing a "touch down" (she's not particularly accurate in her calls yet), I can't help but think that I have the makings of a future powder puff player on my hands. (That, and she prefers to play with boys and roll in the grass over "cooking" in housekeeping.)

Okay ladies -- did you play? Why or why not?


cleemckenzie said...

Nope. Didn't play that. I did play soccer and got the bejeebers knocked out of me enough by the BIG girls that I took up tennis.

beth said...

No!!! I did play baseball one year cuz a boy told me girls couldn't play. Turns out this girl can't.

Tabitha said...

My school didn't have an actual game. Instead, the cheerleaders dressed up as football players, and the football players dressed up as cheerleaders. The rest of us weren't included. :)

Even still, I wouldn't have played. Football isn't my thing. Volleyball, swimming, and diving however... :)

Jessie said...

So glad to see that I'm not in the minority in the writing community. :) @Beth - hysterical!
@Lee and @Tabitha - at least you all had some athletic prowess. the only "sport" I ever lettered in was marching band. *hangs head in shame*

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