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Monday, November 1, 2010

Going All Joshua Radin Fan-Girl

For a month, I've been sitting on tickets for The Script at House of Blues in Orlando.  Not because I love The Script (though they are pretty awesome), but because Joshua Radin was opening for him.  And I LOVE JOSHUA RADIN. Not love like in a I'd-have-his-babies-kind-of-way.  But love as in he's my absolute favorite artist.
(Ugh - this is a totally horrible picture of me btw. So frustrating!)
So you can imagine how excited I was when, at the close of his set, he announced that he was going upstairs to meet people and sign autographs. OMG!! While waiting in the unmoving line, I bought his new CD, tore off the plastic wrap and shoved it in my pocket.  (Had to be ready without littering, right?)

The funny thing about the line was how young the other fan girls seemed to be in comparison to me.  Like, they were wearing Class of 2013 t-shirts.  Holy crap.  Talk about feeling old. But when I finally got up to meet Joshua, he asked for my name and personalized my CD (with an XO, I might add), which my hubby says he did not do for the cute, "little" girls in line in front of us.  *awwww*

I also told myself that if I ever met someone famous, I wouldn't be a babbling idiot. Or tell them that I'm their biggest fan.  So I told him that he's the one I listen to the most when I'm writing.  That seemed honest and not too stalkerish.  He seemed to appreciate the compliment (or was a decent actor).
Anyway, I have to give my hubby props for, as he put it, taking my picture with another guy.  Love you, babe!  And on the way home, he indulged me and listened to me play more Joshua Radin from my iPhone as I explained how the songs related to my books.  Isn't he just the best?

Bonus: Here's Joshua's new song, Streetlight, which is awesome.

How about you: Have you ever gone fan girl?  Who did you or would you most want to meet?


Patti said...

I love Joshua Radin, was he good in concert.

Jessie said...

@Patti - he was great, but I'd prepared myself. Knowing that he was opening for The Script, I was prepared for him to play his new, heavier songs and not the accoustic ones that are really my favorite. His voice is awesome live though, which is always nice!

Melissa said...

Your husband sounds awesome! Also, Joshua Radin! OMG!!!! I am so happy someone I know got to experience him, I adore him when writing, when travelling - pretty much all the time!

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

How exciting. I'm glad you got to see him.

Umm, I must listen to him sometimes.

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