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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky Me

Around St. Patty's Day a few years ago, I made a scrapbook layout entitled "Lucky Me," celebrating all the things I feel lucky to have in my life.  I wanted to remind myself to stop focusing on the little day-to-day "wrong" things that drive me nuts (like the seemingly endless fighting between my children), and focus on all the things that are oh-so "right." The core hasn't changed:
an amazing husband
two beautiful & healthy daughters
a job that makes other moms jealous
financial security & a cozy house that I love

You'd think that'd be enough to be thankful for... but it's not.  I have new blessings that make me extra lucky this St. Patty's Day:
my kids are getting a great education
their school is right across the street from where I work
Nikki Katz co-authored a book with me
the ladies at Oasis for YA are super-awesome to blog with

If you're feeling particularly lucky today, be sure to share your thankfulness with the Oasis for YA Thankful for Thursday meme. (Details here.)  There's no time like the present!