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Friday, February 11, 2011

That's YAmore Blogfest Entry

Thanks for stopping by!  I'm nervous about this one.  Other than sharing the summary and first five pages, Nikki and I haven't publicly shared anything in Beneath the Surface . *gulp*

This is a scene I wrote (and of course, Nikki edited) after attending a concert with my husband.  I wanted these emotions for Wren so badly after that night that I just had to write this scene into the story.  Here, we find Wren and Chase (the two main characters) on a spontaneous date.  They've decided to drop into the restaurant where Chase's sister, Cass, is performing.  The place is packed with tourists, making the summer night in Michigan unseasonably balmy.

After Cass went back to tuning, Chase and I ordered some warm apple pie a la mode and waited. We angled our chairs to face the stage, Chase scooting in close beside me and stretching his arm across my back. The room already felt sticky without his added body heat, but I didn’t mind. I leaned my head onto his shoulder while Cass turned the microphone on.

“Good evening everyone.” The room hushed as all eyes turned to Cass. She seemed to radiate under the inspection of so much admiration. “It’s good to see so many folks in for the boat show. I’d like to get the evening started with a song for my brother and his lovely girlfriend.” Chase tightened his arm around me and leaned in to kiss my temple. “This one’s called ‘Set Down Your Glass.’” 

Her fingers plucked at the strings, releasing soft cords like a lullaby. I could’ve sunk into weightlessness there in Chase’s arms, buoyed only by music and his touch. As we sat there blanketed in her song, even with a thin sheen of sweat sticking my bangs against my forehead, I felt truly beautiful ... knew I was the most beautiful person in the room, not because it was true, but because Chase thought it was. I didn’t have to look at him to know he saw me, admired me, and just wanted to be with me.

Cass’s voice tangled inside my head, like she truly sang only for us. And in that moment, I was complete.

I'd love to know what you think!  And don't forget to check out the other entries in the Oasis for YA That's YAmore blogfest and share the love.