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Friday, February 4, 2011

Pay it Forward...

Nikki and I have decided to participate in Shelli (@srjohannes)'s Pay It Forward contest. She'll be recommending the winning entry to her very own agent, Alyssa Eisner Henkin of the Trident Media Group. How flippin' awesome of her is that???

How can you get in on the goodness?

Three things: (1) Be one of Shelli's followers on her blog and twitter - you should totally being doing this already anyway.  (2) Submit a pitch, no longer than 4 lines, either as a blog post or on Facebook notes if you don't have a blog. (3) In the blog post or note, you must Pay It Forward by recognizing someone who's helped you along your writing journey. But make sure you get it in by TODAY before 5pm EST. You must then leave your pitch and other info as a comment on Shelli's POST.

There are so many people I could give a shout-out to for helping me in this journey (including, Nikki herself!)  But Nikki and I have choosen to recognize the mega-awesome Georgia McBride of YALitChat fame for her unending generosity of time and spirit and for helping us see where our novel truly began.  Thank you, Georgia!  BTW - if you're not following her and don't yet belong to, what are you waiting for??
And without further ado, our four-line pitch for Beneath the Surface is:
When Chase Regas nearly plows seventeen-year old Wren Lassiter over in his speedboat off the shore of Lake Huron, Wren quickly realizes that a busted shoulder is the least of her worries. Chase reveals that not only are he and Wren soulmates from a past life, they're also descendants of Cetus, an ancient Greek sea monster who cursed his children to avenge his death. Now, Chase has only two weeks to murder the right stranger or, as a male offspring, he’ll change into a sea serpent himself. Determined to free her long-lost love and end the centuries-old curse, Wren joins him in the hunt, only to find way more than she expected Beneath the Surface.