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Friday, February 4, 2011

At What Point do You Call it Quits?

And NO! - I'm not talking about writing.  Actually, I'm talking about reading.
My daughters and I love the Skippyjon Jones books.  We could (and often, do) read them every night.
When that little cat yells "Holy Frijoles!" and thrusts his sword into the Great Bumblebeeto Bandito, that's just good stuff.

But what do you do about the book - which you're reading for pleasure - that you're not sure you can stand to finish?  This isn't your homework.  This is what you're reading to relax.  Only the writing is rubbing you the wrong way.  You can't get invested in the characters.  And there's this concept that you wanted to love SO FREAKIN' BAD, and you're not.

Do you tough it out and hope to see in it what an agent and editor obviously saw?  Or do you chalk it up to life's-too-short-to-read-bad-fiction and move on to the next pile in your TBR list?  I just can't make up my mind what to do...