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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Exciting News - DESTINED launch party!

I am SO EXCITED to get to tell you that DESTINED will be having an official launch party at Jane Doe in the Five Points area of Jacksonville from 6-8 p.m. on the evening on November 17th.  There will be wine and hor d'oeuvres.  And of course, lots of copies of DESTINED for me to sign (assuming you would want such a thing.)

So please MARK YOUR CALENDARS and make plans to join us at Jane Doe on Park Street.  (I promise you will love this new store!)


Mary @ BookSwarm said...

Yay! You must be so excited! Wish I were close enough to attend and support you. :)

Willow Cross said...

I'm so excited for you!!!! I hope you have a wonderful time!! :D

Kim Justice said...

Great News... Thanks for the heads up... Wishing you an Awesome Day!

Jeremy Bates said...

i missed the pay it forward hop, so stopping by fashionably late! nice to meet u :)

and congrats on the book launch!

Christa Desir said...

Awesome. You must be squeeing!!! So exciting. It's really happening. :)

Unknown said...

Wow! Must be great!:)

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