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Beneath the Surface

BENEATH THE SURFACE is a modern-day paranormal romance that draws heavily from ancient Greek mythology.

Approximate Word Count: 74,000

A timeless love. An endless curse. Which one will survive the summer?

Seventeen-year-old Wren Lassiter hadn’t planned on starting her summer vacation being plowed over by a speedboat off the shore of Lake Huron. But when Chase Regas accidentally runs her aground, she quickly realizes that a busted shoulder is the least of her worries. Chase reveals that he and Wren are descendants of Cetus, an ancient Greek sea monster who cursed his children to avenge his death. Despite living countless lives, they haven’t succeeded in ending the curse for the past four thousand years - and the clock is ticking once again. Chase has only two weeks to murder the right stranger or, as a male offspring, he’ll change into a sea serpent himself.

As Wren’s memories from her past lives return, she realizes that Chase was once her soul mate -- hundreds of years ago and in a life where she wasn't strong enough to save him. Determined to free her long-lost love and end the centuries-old curse, Wren immerses herself in the hunt, only to find way more than she expected Beneath the Surface.

Co-written with Nikki Katz and (hopefully) COMING SOON!