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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Before I get down to announcing the Fool For Books Give Away Hop contest winner (who will be receiving copies of Joy Preble's YA novels Dreaming Anastasia and Haunted), I wanted to say two things.

First:  To those of you who are new here, WELCOME!  I know a good number of you only joined so you'd have a chance of winning some fabulous prizes, but I hope you'll keep coming back.  I've got a deep & abiding love of YA novels -- particularly those in the paranormal romance genre -- and I love sharing great books with you.

Second:  I found this really fascinating.  Over 100 people entered to win these books.  The entrants represent 31 of the 50 states and cover all points of the continental U.S.  From Maine to Florida, over to Texas and then California, and up to Washington, with a good representation of the "heartland" in between.  These contests show the diversity of folks we can reach through our blogs and also the number of cyber-friends we can make.  Truly, we live in a remarkable age.  Ten years ago, we'd be limited to finding like-minded individuals locally, perhaps in a book club.  Today, our club is the world. Isn't that amazing??

Okay, enough blabbering, now on to the WINNER!  Congratulations to Megan in Ohio.  I've sent her an e-mail and she can expect her books to go out in Monday's mail.