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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful for Thursday: Series

Today's meme writing prompt is series. What book series are you thankful for having read?
My go-to answer to this question always seems to be Twilight. It was popular when I'd just started writing YA and it really motivated me to try to create three-dimension characters that would have appeal across a large readership. But since I've used that answer a few dozen times now, I wanted to dig a little deeper.

Ok, a lot deeper.  We're talking all the way back to elementary school here.  Remember those identical blonde twins with diametrically opposed personalities, Jessica & Elizabeth Wakrefield?  Oh yeah, I'm talking Sweet Valley High!
I'm thankful for this series because it's the first one I can remember voraciously reading. I loved these books. I loved Elizabeth and her smart brain and classy dress. I can distinctly remember (and this would be fifth grade), looking at one of the illustrations of Elizabeth on a cover and thinking, "Now that's how I want to look when I'm a teen."  Her look was classic and timeless and I wanted to be the nice, smart girl, like she was.

Now, I have no idea if those thoughts carried through with me into my own high school years. I like to think I may have been classic, but I do seem to recall cutoff denim shorts, so I'm not sure I achieved that goal.  Anyway, my point is that this series got me really drooling over books. And while I may have read as much throughout some years, that love of consuming books has never gone away.

What about you? Do you remember the first series that got you hooked? (Don't forget to drop into the Oasis to link to the meme with you own TT post.)


Maya said...

Babysitters Club. I would take them out of the library by the armload, sit in my beanbag chair and read one right after the other. I also remember Sweet Valley High, I read a few of those too. :)

LTM said...

I really liked Nancy Drew, but I adored the SVH twins... I missed babysitters, but I tried to get my daughters to read them. They're more into Junie B. Jones and Ramona~ :o) <3

Dawn Brazil said...

I love Twilight too but The Hunger Games came along and took it's place. I really loved Nancy Drew also, LTM. I owned a lot of the books but have no idea what happened to them. I read some Sweet Valley High too. Oh, I read everything I could get my paws on. LOL

Emily said...

I think the first series that got me hooked was the Little House books. I read the first one when I was 8, but read them so out of order that I didn't read the last one until I was 11.

Lindsey said...

Sweet Valley High! My weekly trips to WalMart with my mom usually resulted in a brand new SVH paperback with my saliva all over the cover. I was seriously addicted.

My keeper shelf said...

Your Sweet Valley High post made me laugh! I loved that series when I was growing up, the most random part that I remember was that every book mentioned the mothers Italian tiled kitchen- I had no idea what that meant but it really stuck in my brain. Growing up in the UK I was a huge Enid Blyton fan, I really envy children now with the huge YA market to choose from.

Loved you blog- I will be back!

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