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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful for Thursday: Art & Sight

Every day, I'm super-thankful that I have my eyesight (contact-corrected and all), so that I can enjoy the art around me.  Some days the art comes from nature - a watercolor painted sky dripping in colors that are almost unreal; a storm so strong that it bends even the thickest bamboo flat against the earth and rips jagged tears in the gray cotton sky before rattling my chest with a sound-breaking boom.
Other days, the art comes from my children.  I love when I get pictures of me surrounded by hearts - a visual indication of how much they actually appreciate me even when their actions might indicate otherwise.

And still other days, I love to appreciate the art created by others. is one of my favorite websites just to browse.  The range of talent there is amazing and often inspiring.  Sometimes I think I could craft entire scenes in a novel from just one picture.  Like this one by HorrorxXxGirl:
What sights are you most grateful for?  Do you have any other websites that you like to just browse for quiet inspiration?