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Monday, November 8, 2010

NaNoWriMo Contest

Alright, I am NOT Nanowri-ing.  Nikki and I are busy Nanoed-ing (editing, in case that abbreviation snuck by you).  But for those of you who are, YALitChat just announced a contest that puts the awesome in awesomesauce.

Here are the details:

1st Prize gets you a Kindle (can you say OMG?!?  I love, love, love my Kindle.)
2nd Prize a 20 page Critique by Industry Editor or Agent
3rd Prize  a bookpack of Rampant by Diana Peterfreund plus 2 books from Harper 
Contest details. If you want to enter the contest we’d be excited to have you.  The winner meets their 50K goal or has the highest count of all contestants. As well as posting a snippet of writing daily (25 words of your writing for the day) and the word count for the day that you post. The winner would have posted at least 10 times during the month of November their word count and snippet for that day. Please provide your screen name and buddy all of the contestants.
So here is the steps to enter:
-          Be a member of Yalitchat
-          Join Contest Forum
-          Post Introduction to include (nanowrimo login name, title of nanowork, current words completed, 5 sentence synopsis of book you are writing)
-          Post Daily or weekly (word count, 25 word snippet of what your wrote during the recent session)
-          Winner is the highest recorded word count from all contestants (be warned, you may be asked to present draft to prove word count.)
Click this link to go to the official YALitChat page.  And good luck!


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