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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Tales: The Flag (Part III)

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And now, the conclusion of "The Flag." If you missed parts I and II, you can find them here.

     “Breathe him in Lindsey. Now!” Brogan yelled. But could I do it before he ripped Brogan’s neck wide open? I had to free Brogan first.
     “I don’t know who you think you are, waltzing in here and using my name, making assumptions, but I won’t stand for it. It’s me you’ve come for. Let Brogan go.”
     The Carth put his head near Brogan’s and spoke in his ear. “You hear that, little Flag? She loves you enough to sacrifice herself so you can be free. Charming.”
     “Let him go, or so help me, I will end you.” My fists clenched at my sides as I worked to steady my breath; so it would be ready when I needed it.
     “How about a trade? Did your mother teach you about trading, little Lindsey?”
     I nodded, recalling my mother’s edict to never trade with a Carth.
     “You see, Lindsey, I had a child once. But she was stolen from me. Can you guess who that child was?”
My eyes snapped closed as the breath rushed out of my chest.
     “Oh, I’m sure she told you your father was a human, like the rest of the Catchers. But you’ve always known different, haven’t you? Deep down, you thirsted in ways other Catchers don’t. You’re not like the rest, Lindsey. You’re part Carpathian, part mine. You yearn to drink.”
     “I don’t believe you. Carths lie. You’re lying.”
     “Oh that I were, Lindsey. You see, your mother saved her own Flag once, much like this.” The vampire ran his fangs along Brogan’s neck. “She traded his life for a night in my bed, and you were the result. And then she stole you from me. I’ve been tracking you all these long years. Imagine my surprise to find you in bed with your Flag, as foolish as your mother.”
     Anger raged through me. He’d preyed on my mother’s love, forcing her to bend to his will and produce a child, only to plan to raise me among the darkest of our kind. I pushed the air out of my lungs until they were empty, preparing to breathe him in and end the mind game, when the vampire’s teeth sunk into Brogan’s flesh.
      “No!” I screamed.
     “Take me and you take him too,” the monster spoke around his prey. “Don’t even think of breathing too deeply.”
     Tears streamed down my face. “Anything. I’ll do anything. Just let him go. What do you want?”
     As his teeth eased out of Brogan’s neck, Brogan went limp in his arms. He easily pivoted Brogan out of my reach when I rushed forward.
     “I want you to come home with me. To be the daughter I should have had all along.” The Carth tossed Brogan’s ragdoll body to the bed and grabbed my shoulders. Eyes like pools of hate bore into mine. “No more Catching, Lindsey. No more saving the humans from darkness. You will be darkness. You and Brogan, together in the night. What do you say?”
     I looked around him to Brogan, still lying prone the bed.
     “He’s dying, Lindsey. The only way to save him is to change him. Would you let him become like us alone?”
     “Stop saying my name! Stop talking about us.” I wrested free of his grasp and ran to Brogan’s side. His heartbeat weakened with each pulse.
     “Time’s running out. Do you love him enough to save him?”
     Brogan’s words replayed in my head: Would you rather live saving the world, or die knowing you’d tasted love? Silent tears streamed down my face as I walked to my father and answered. “Yes. Yes, I’ll save him.” And then I breathed in, more deeply and fully than I had ever breathed in another soul. I drank his life for my mother, for me, for all the people he had harmed. And for Brogan –whose sweet, perfect love I had tasted while we lived.
     My father’s soul grasped and clawed its way down my throat; like raging fire it scorched my lungs as it passed. I collapsed on the floor, his spirit like poison in my belly, and I felt his life negating my own. As the darkness of eternal sleep wrapped around me, I knew I would do it all again, for gladly would I die to have tasted Brogan’s love.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Just didn't feel like writing a happy ending for this one. Though it's sort of peaceful in an odd way.


LTM said...

Excellent--and a perfect ending. You're a wonderful storyteller.

I still go with my former comment. This would make a great book, and you've got lots of places you could fill in.

nicely done, J~

Jessie said...

so glad you liked it, Leigh. maybe I'll add it to the idea shelf for a future book. ;)

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