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Friday, August 13, 2010

Flashback Friday: Teeny-tiny Anniversaries

As you may have read on Wednesday, I celebrated my nine-year anniversary on Wednesday.  So naturally, when I went into flashback mode this week, I got to thinking about how in high school we would celebrate every teeny-tiny anniversary that came along. One month, two months, etc.
 I mean, in the grand scheme of high school, that was a pretty long time for a couple to make it.  And looking back, I don't have a freakin' clue what I did or didn't do for any of those anniversaries.  But I do remember they were important, gosh darn it.

And a quick internet search confirms times haven't changed much.  Today's young adults are still angsting about whether writing a poem for one month is too much. Or whether the boyfriend already having other plans on the two-month anniversary tolls the beginning of the end.

It's sort of amusing now that I'm "old," but when you're only 16 or 17, milestones are a big deal.  I mean, at 16, two months is a full 1/96th of your life. :)  So here's a reminder YA writers... if you MCs are coming up on a month or two (or more) of dating, your girl probably ought to care about it a lot and your boy probably ought to think it's just any other day.  That's MHO, anyway.

But more importantly, since I can't remember by own itsy-bitsy milestones, will you share yours with me?  I want to know the sweet, silly, amusing ways you celebrated.


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