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Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog Carnival: Using Your Senses

Sense of Taste

Oasis for YA is having a blog carnival today and each of the Oasis Ladies was assigned a particular sense.  I have taste. Maybe a little harder than the others, but oh so luscious.  Here are the rules of this particular carnival: You've just graduated from high school and your awesome parents have taken you and your boy/girl-friend on the trip of a lifetime to the Seychelles Islands off the coast of Africa.  This (picture above) is the view from your hotel window.  You have ONE paragraph to describe the setting, and you can use only ONE of your senses. Go.

Here's my paragraph on taste:

The tingle of Justin's toothpaste - a remnant from our stolen kiss - still lingered on my lips  as I took my first sip of strawberry-coconut juice.  Cool and creamy, the freshness burst alive on my tongue, and I immediately swore off plain orange juice forever. In fact, I'd thrown my whole diet out the open-air window when I looked over the room service menu. Thank God. I lifted a forkful of toasty pancakes, dripping in gooey-sweet cane syrup, and melted like the hand-churned butter drizzled over my meal. The spicy kick of Andoiulle sausage links perfectly balanced the sugary goodness of the pancakes, delighting all of my taste buds into dancing in the same fluttery little bursts as the sun reflecting off the ocean surface.

To join in the Carnival, write your own paragraph (using any sense you like) and post it on your blog.  Link back to your blog in the comments to the Oasis for YA carnival.  Also, check out the posts by fellow Oasis ladies Sheri (touch), A.E. (sight), J.A. (smell) and Nikki (sound).  And just like that, you can be a Carnie too. Happy Friday, everyone.


Joanne Brothwell said...

Great job, Jessie! I fee like I'm there, just through taste alone!

Jessie said...

Thanks, Joanne. Although, I must say, I had Andouille sausage for the first time last night and it was awful. I know the Seychelles has Creole roots, but I'd re-think having that kind of sausage for breakfast. :)

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