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Thursday, October 3, 2013

MOONLESS Cover Reveal

I'm excited to show you the cover for fellow #yalitchat author, Crystal Collier, and her debut YA, MOONLESS.

Title: Moonless 
Author: Crystal Collier 
Series: Maiden of Time #1 
Publication: November 13th, 2013 
Category: Young Adult (YA) 
Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance 

Alexia’s nightmares become reality: a dead baron, red-eyed wraiths, and forbidden love with a man hunted by these creatures. After an attack close to home, Alexia realizes she cannot keep one foot in her old life and one in this new world. To protect her family she must either be sold into a loveless marriage, or escape with her beloved and risk becoming one of the Soulless. MOONLESS is Jane Eyre meets Supernatural. 

Stay tuned for the blog tour November 11-30.  I'll be a stop along the way on November 23rd, when I will post an excerpt.  So excited!  In the meantime, you can find Crystal in these places around the web...

Blog | Twitter | Goodreads | Facebook | Website


Crystal Collier said...

Thank you so much for sharing this Jessie. You are fantabulous!

Author Dawn Brazil said...

I love that cover. Congrats to Crystal. Can't wait to read this sounds like something I'd love! Thanks for sharing Jessie.

S.A. Larsenッ said...

Yes I have, and I think it's amazing! Love the font. Go Crystal!

Unknown said...

Yay! I'm very happy for Crystal. Congrats and happy cheese eating! lol

Unknown said...

Looks like a great supernatural mystery. I love the mysterious nature of the cover. Great work!

Kelly Hashway said...

Yay for Crystal! :)

Eliza Tilton said...

Sounds creepy and good! Plus, anything that compares to supernatural is a win.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

This is the second time I've seen this cover tonight. It is fascinnating.

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