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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WIN an autographed ARC of The Syndicate by Shelena Shorts

Guys -- I'm so excited to be hosting a contest of an autographed ARC of Shelena Shorts's latest novel, The Syndicate.  It doesn't release until July 9th, but you can win an autographed ARC right now!

For centuries, the Petrescu family has been protecting society from a danger that moves among the population undetected. Eighteen-year-old Vasi Petrescu has never had a problem carrying out his duty, but, when ordered to eliminate an eighteen-year-old girl, he is immediately taken out of his comfort zone.

The Syndicate has never targeted a female before, yet somehow this one has ended up on more than one hit list. Vasi would like to find out why, but there may not be time.

Now, he'll have to decide whether or not to keep her alive even if it means going against his own family.

The action, mystery, and conspiracy in The Syndicate will take readers on an immersing journey in which decisions are not only life changing, but irreversible.

Shelena happens to be one of the coolest authors around and I loved her series, The Pace.  The Syndicate is a very different novel, told from a male POV, and has a serving of love story with an extra helping of adventure on the side.  It was a novel that kept me up turning the pages, eagerly waiting to find out what would happen next.  Trust me when I tell you that you want this novel.

Shelena has even graciously agreed to make the contest open Internationally.  (See, I told you she was awesome.)  So use the Rafflecopter box below and good luck!

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ArtemisG said...

What a beautiful story, thank you for the chance!

Laura Pauling said...

Sounds like a terrific book! Just up my alley!

cleemckenzie said...

This sounds like an amazing tale. Thanks, Jessie!

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