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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy YA Debut Book Birthday

Another Tuesday, another release day celebration!  It might be a small list this week (only 1), but let's still welcome this debut YA author to the ranks of the published:

Releasing July 21st --

The Robot by Paul E. Watson

Science-loving Gabe and girl-crazy Dover are best friends. In fact, they're practically each other's only friends. So when Gabe's parents leave town for the weekend, he lets Dover convince him to break into his father's basement laboratory-even though he knows it's off-limits under penalty of lifelong grounding. Once inside, the boys make a shocking discovery, one that will turn a boring weekend into a hilarious madcap adventure: a smoking hot robot!

While Gabe and Dover argue over "Trina," the robot flees the lab. The chase is on! Before the day is over, she'll expose a traitorous plot, catapult two geeky freshmen to high school fame, and try to assassinate Dr. Phil!


Jen Daiker said...

I love that you give shout outs like this!!! It's so awesome!! I can't wait to do it for you.

Holy heck is that the cover for your novel???? It's breathtaking. I want to read it... Umm actually I DEMAND to read it! It looks SO GOOD!

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