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Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Five

I decided to copy Kim Baccellia and do a Friday Five this week.
1.  Cirque du Soliel - Alegria
 I love, love, love Cirque du Soliel performances.  My husband and I actually saw Alegria in Paris in 2007, so when the show came to Jacksonville, I knew we had to take the girls.  As a member of Club Cirque (told you I loved it), I could buy advance tickets, so we ended up being in the front row on the floor, literally like 3 feet away from the stage.  The clowns and bird people were close enough to give my daughter a balloon and pat hubby on the head. We felt the rush of air when the performers landed right in front of us. It was awesome. If you've never been to one of their shows, I can't recommend it enough.

2.  Beach time with the family -- after the excitement of Sunday's performance, we spent an incredibly relaxing 4th of July on the beach. 
When the tide went out, we got to see the coquinas doing something we'd never seen before.  They stuck some part of their body out of their shells, so that it was above the sand while the shell was buried, and they looked like these mini anemones.  The girls collected dozens and relocated them to their own private beach colony.  They even had an open white clam shell mirror.  Very chic.

3.  Starcrossed.  I wasn't sure about it during the first 2 chapters, but now I'm pretty well hooked.  Can't wait to see what happens.  Sort of hoping that Helen kills Hector.  He's annoying me.

4.  Destined.  I'm now more than 2/3s of the way through revisions and it's feeling really "right."  My lovely and talented CP - Lynne - is being like my own personal cheerleader and I can't thank her enough!

5.  Sprint Tri.  And no, it's not me. But hubby is doing his last one of the summer tomorrow and I wish him luck as he strives to beat his last time (and maybe even win a new bike in the raffle).  Good luck, sweetie!


Miranda Hardy said...

I'm taking my children to Disney in August, and checked into Cirque Du Soliel. The tickets were too expensive for me, but maybe next year. I bet my kids would love it.

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