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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful for Thursday: Senses

Thankful for Thursday Meme.
This Week's Topic: Which of your five senses do you most appreciate and why?

Okay, this is a really hard topic for me to answer.  Mostly because I love my sight.  I can't imagine not being able to see my hydrangeas blooming, or being able to snap photos of my kids like I was getting paid to push the button. But as an author, what characters are seeing is usually the easiest and most common thing to describe.

What really evokes an emotional response from me in writing in the sense of SOUND.  There are all the sounds of nature (waves crashing, thunder rolling, rain tapping, wind brushing through leaves) and they all evoke different feelings for me.  Then you throw in music.  If your characters are listening to Muse, I know something quite different about them than if they're playing vintage Beetles.  And of course, I love to set a romantic scene with some live music (whether your characters are at a concert, or your guy is strumming quietly strumming his guitar).   

So my reminder for today: even if you write in total silence, don't forget the sounds!

Now it's your turn to play. Here are the rules to participate:

1. Do your own blog post on what sense you're thankful for today. It doesn't have to be book or publishing related (but it can be!)

2. Be sure to grab our badge and include it in your post.

3. Post a link to your blog in the comments at Oasis for YA so that others can find you.

4. Go forth and share your gratitude! (And when friending new blogs, be sure to let them know you found them because of their participation in the meme.)

And there you have it -- come on out and tell us what you're thankful for today!


khashway said...

To me, sight is definitely most important. I couldn't read without it! I mean, yes I could listen to books, but I love to read much more than listen. I guess because I've worn contacts for most of my life, I value this sense more than others. I know how lost I feel without my contacts, so I definitely wouldn't want to be without this sense.

K.M. Weiland said...

Great post! All authors have a tendency to focus on two or three senses to the exclusion of others. Personally, I think smell is one of the most easily neglected - probably because it's one of the most difficult to evoke. When done right, it can be extremely powerful though, since smell is the sense linked most strongly to memory.

Pk Hrezo said...

It's a tough one.. between sight and sound. Living in silence would be awful and not getting to hear music? :( Crushing.
I try to make extra effort to note smell as well in my stories.

Anonymous said...

My sight is most precious to me. I'm very nearsighted and have worn glasses since I was ten-year-old because I like to see the clouds, the birds, the flowers, my family and friends.

I hope Blogger posts this. They hate me lately. I'm using another profile, just in case. Beverly

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