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Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

**Image by Domat on Deviant Art.**

My lovely friend, Sheri, made an awesome post this morning in which she recalls some of the most painful moments of motherhood (everything from ER visits to public nudity).  It's good that we moms can collectively laugh at those moments that seemed crushing at the time, but we now realize were just part of the motherhood package.

But Sheri's post also got me thinking about the amazing little moments in my life that I never would have known if I didn't have children.  As some of you know, I have two daughters (now 5 and 6), and they are amusing on an almost daily basis.

When my oldest was two, she wasn't pronoucing her "t"s well, so we made her tell us the word "peanuts" over and over.  I even recorded it.  Hysterical.  (Poor kid.)

My five year old painted and decorated a portrait of me for Mother's Day tea at school today.  In the portrait, I am yawning (decidedly better than yelling, which I was kind of afraid she would say).  And she said I look prettiest when I go to Target.  Hmmm.... maybe I need to get out more.

That DD also overheard me talking about the fact that my mom has new boyfriend, so she promptly colored two pictures: one for grandma and one for grandma's boyfriend (whom we haven't even met yet!)

And then sometimes, when I'm giving them a kiss goodnight, they'll surprise me by thanking me for some little random thing... and I know that they notice, even when they don't act like it.

So this weekend, I plan on enjoying the humor involved in having children, and I hope you all do the same.  Got any funny stories you want to share?


Dawn Brazil said...

Great post Jessie. Your kids sound adorable. Wait until they're teens. LOL My teen daughter is great, accept I think she always has this under the radar "I know more about this subject than you do" look when me or her Dad are talking to her. She's an honor student and may very well know more than me about some things, but she's not ever going to hear me say it to her. LOL Mother is great though and thank God we have a great relationship. Actually the envy of many of my friends, so I'm not complaining. My children are the greatest blessing and the biggest source of laughter for me.

Oh, and ironically she was born on Mother's Day so I've forgotten a couple of times it was Mother's Day (my mother and mother-in-law are deceased) and my husband always has to remind me.

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