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Friday, July 23, 2010

Welcome Your Dreams

Art by CameoFX on DeviantART

My Tuesday post is the start of a short story I wrote, called The Flag.  The concept came to me in a dream.  All I remembered in the morning was that this young vampire girl "flagged" her first human when she was ten.  I wrote down the dream memories and moved on.  But over time, I wanted to know more... what did it mean to "flag" a human?  What happens between a vampire and her flagged mortal?  So I pondered, stretched, and created.

It seems funny to me that so many of us seem to think it's silly or an imitation to say we got our story ideas from a dream. What, just because Stephanie Meyer dreamed about Edward and Bella, she cornered the market on using her nighttime subconscious?  That's ridiculous.

IMO, we authors ought to be embracing our dreams as often as we can.  Dreams are our creative playgrounds - the place where our subconscious minds can romp and roam without any distractions.  If you keep a dream journal, you can train yourself to remember what you dreamed of the night before.  And why not?  Maybe the story, plot twist, or writer's block moment you've been waiting for is there, lurking beneath a surface you can only crack while asleep...

How many of you have gotten a story idea from your dreams?


LTM said...

cool art! I've never gotten the start of a story from a dream, but when I'm writing, I'll dream about my WiP. So plot twists sometimes come from dreams... not sure if that counts. ;p

Inception's supposed to be v. dream-heavy. Must check it out~

Ezmirelda said...

Most of my ideas come from dreams. I let my subconcious do most of the work when I'm asleep and fill in the blanks when I'm awake. Sometimes I know when I'm dreaming when I'm in a dream. Cool pic by the way :)

Larissa said...

Yeah - I just got an idea the other night. I texted it to my email. LOL.

Jessie said...

thanks for sharing, ladies. glad I'm not the only one who finds inspiration while asleep.

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