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Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Flashback: First Kiss

My cohort, Nikki Katz, at Oasis for YA wrote a wonderful post on Wednesday about how to really pull a reader in when you're writing that all-important first kiss scene. Which got me thinking about my own first - oh so less than glamorous - kiss.  This post is probably more appropriate for the MG authors, since my kiss, and its repercussions, are decidedly immature and too young for YA.  But I thought I'd share anyway.  (Why do I do this to myself?)
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Grade: 6th (please don't judge)
Boy: Carl something, he had a twin named Eric that I actually liked better, but he was "seeing" my cousin and Carl was the one brave enough to ask me to dance in the middle school cafeteria during our big dance
Place: movie theater
How it went down: Now, I can't be eloquent like Nikki suggests because my brain is a little foggy (thank God!) on the details.  I just remember him sweating as he held my hand in the theater. At some point in the movie, he leaned over and asked me if I wanted to kiss. I suspect I probably nodded rather than answering with words.  The next thing I remember is a big, slobbery, tongue-down-my-throat kiss with neither of us knowing what the heck we were doing.  It was awkward and not at all romantic. But dang it, we had our first kiss.
The fall out: This was pretty much inevitable since I don't think we liked each other all that much and the kiss, well... yeah, it sucked.  (For you authors - I recommend a nice, delicious kiss on the LIPS for your first time kissers.  Tongue for the inexperienced is just going to mess things up.)  Later that week, I was on the phone at my cousin's house and Carl & I traded rather hateful barbs back and forth for what felt like an hour.  He commented on things like my less-than-perfect technique; I commented on things like his small winkie.  (Now, I honestly would have had NO WAY to know about the size of his wanker, but I knew how to hit him where it hurt.) And with that, we "broke up."  Shocking.  The first kiss that ended my first "relationship."

And that, my friends, is the sad and embarrassing tale of my first kiss.  I don't recommend it and I hope you all have much more enjoyable experiences that were memorable for the right reasons.

So now that you're in the mood to kiss & tell - I invite you to share your first kiss story (either your personal one or one from your book). Who doesn't love to hear about a good smooch?


Nikki said...

Oh gosh, mine was horrible... Freshman year (I was a late bloomer!) ... I don't even remember much, but it was at school and involved wayyyy too much saliva.

Ezmirelda said...

Still hasn't happened yet...unless you count that time in 5th grade....eww I dont wanna remember! :O

Jessie said...

Wow - this makes me feel so much better to know I wasn't the only one who had a horrible first kiss. (Sorry, ladies.)

AE Rought said...

The first kiss from my first YA:
He came forward, fire over fresh wood irises simmering with a heat that had nothing to do with comfort. His gaze set fires inside me, a flood of tingling electricity surged through us both. Gazes locked, he undid the clasp then leaned close, hands caressing my throat and shoulders when he clasped the necklace around my neck. I plummeted into his eyes, burned in the searing heat between us, our hearts pounding in echoes, breathing fast and shallow, eager. His lips so close. His breath on my lips.
"Can I kiss you?"
"Please do."
Thorn slid his hands down my arms, a long delicate caress before he cinched me tight to him. Soft curves pressed to hard muscle, hearts pounding. Thorn’s kiss, tender and soft at first deepened to hot and passionate. He pressed my lips apart, groaning when I stroked my tongue over his, touching, tasting, exploring. I sighed into his mouth, breathing in his breath, forgetting for a moment the world, the stress, my powers and his. My Thorn, my wolf and me. Bound.

Jessie said...

Wow A.E. - that description gives me shivers. Nicely done!

Miku said...

Well im kinda the loveless type and I haven't received my first kiss yet...and Im 19 years old xDD

I guess isn't just for everyone, I find pleasure in music instead D: maybe I'm just the weirdo one xD ._.

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