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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Debut YA Book Birthdays~ Week of August 20th

Well, this is it for us.  Today is my kiddos' official LAST day of summer.  School starts tomorrow and I'm pretty excited (although I'd be happier if Lands End had gotten the new uniforms here on time!). But something else that's pretty exciting are these debut YA novels.  What's got you excited this week?

VIII by H.M. Castor (who knew Henry VIII was so hot??)

Destined for greatness...tormented by demons. The epic story of Henry VIII’s transformation from a handsome, gifted youth to a murderous, cruel king.
Hal is a young man of extraordinary talents, astonishing warrior skills, sharp intelligence, and a fierce sense of honor and virtue. He believes he is destined for greatness. His father wishes he would disappear. Haunted by the ghosts of his family’s violent past, Hal embarks on a journey that leads him to absolute power—and brings him face to face with his demons.

“History comes alive from the first page to the last” (The Independent) in this fascinating, previously untold story of how a charismatic, athletic young man grew up to become the murderous, vengeful King Henry VIII.

BROTHER, BROTHER by Clay Carmichael (she has other
children's books and an MG, but this is her first YA)

The day his grandmother dies, seventeen-year-old Billy “Brother” Grace discovers that he has a twin who has recently made headlines by nearly overdosing on drugs. His twin also happens to be the son of a powerful senator. His newly discovered family may not be all that interested in a cheery reunion, but Brother is determined to get answers. When he arrives on the secluded island off the coast of North Carolina where the senator and his family live, sparks will fly, old resentments will be released, and secrets revealed. Part coming-of-age story, part love story, Clay Carmichael's Brother, Brother is a book about finding out that who you are and where you come from aren't necessarily the same thing.


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