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Saturday, January 14, 2012

In His Eyes

Did you know?  The Indelibles are releasing an anthology called IN HIS EYES on Valentine's Day (1 month from today!).  You can get short stories told from the perspective of some of your favorite new book boyfriends (including Eros ~ yep, he's in there!)
So please add it to your TBR list and then look for the FREE DOWNLOAD on the most romantic day of the year.  Whether you have a Valentine or not, you'll want to snuggle up with these stories.


Heather said...

Can't wait!

cleemckenzie said...

You're amazing, Jessie. Thinking about Valentine's Day before some have taken down the mistletoe! Yay for you and yay for the "love" in those stories.

A.J. Mullarky said...

Wow, can't wait for that :D

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