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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Writer's Brain = Sleepless Nights

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I'm tired. Another night with a two-hour chunk of time removed.  1:30-3:30.  I spiraled out of this dream and straight into my mss and was thinking about issues before I even realized I was awake.  Why am I awake? my brain screamed at me when I figured it out.

Excited? Maybe. There's lot of fun stuff going on with DESTINED right now that I can't wait to share with you.

Nervous? That too. There's so still so much to learn. And I want my writing to be perfect, but there's no such thing as perfect (except for Where She Went, that was pretty darn perfect). And what if I can't figure it out?

I'm entitled to all of those emotions, I think. They're good. Normal. Mean I'm alive.  The question is, how do I bottle them up and get back to sleep?  I got up, read my CP's mss for an hour, and then sang "Winter" by Joshua Radin in my head so there wasn't room for any other thoughts.  It was the lyrics and the music only.

I need a better answer though. Exercise? Meditation? Lunesta?

Does your brain ever get so fired up you just can't sleep?  What do you do?


Jen Daiker said...

Ugh if I had an answer you'd have it. My mind races for hours in the evenings sometimes and there is no way to stop it! You want to pull your hair out sometimes!

I talk to my husband before bed and he rubs my back until I drift off to sleep. I think it's the only thing that calms me down enough to sleep. I still wake up later but it helps for the time being.

Anonymous said...

I have moments of sleeplessness or nervous energy. Taking a hot bath makes me drowsy.

Have a great weekend.

cleemckenzie said...

Yep! Those synapses start firing at 2 or 3 AM and I might as well get up and start the day. Of course by 2 in the afternoon I'm slumped over my keyboard, but I've done a lot of writing by then.

Now I get scared if I sleep well. That means I don't have any characters talking to me.

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