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Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Flashback: High School Music

I graduated from good ol' Martin County High School in 1995.  The music of my senior year included some of the following priceless gems (all of which are included because I can still at least sing the chorus from memory):

The Sign, Ace of Base (1994)
I'll Make Love to You, Boyz II Men (1994)
I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That), Meatloaf (1994) - okay, total aside: does anyone know      
                     what those lyrics are supposed to mean?
Kiss From a Rose, Seal (1995)
Run Around, Blues Traveler (1995)
Hold My Hand, Hootie & The Blowfish (1995)

The last one reminds me of Summer Nights at Wet'N Wild in Orlando.  This is where a water slide park stays open into the night and a live band playing popular cover songs takes the stage.  I can remember being there with my best friend, jamming out to the music, not caring if the sultry night air was too warm because I was wearing a bathing suit and could go jump into the water at a moment's notice.  It was a time when I didn't need a boy.  Just me and my BFF.

I also remember the band covering Two Princes by Spin Doctors.  Remember that one?  Oh yeah!

Go ahead!  Crank up those computer speakers and shake your hair lose.  I know you're ready to party like it's 1999 with these tunes blaring.

What are the songs of your YA days?  Have any special memories they trigger for you?


salarsenッ said...

Love the pics, Jessie. Sure I have tunes that conjure way to many 'unmentionable' memories. Hee...Mostly metalhead music.

LTM said...

oh, lawd, how much space you got in this comments section? We're the music junkies over here--all four of us.

LOL-ing at your Meatloaf ref. JRM & I often dance around theatrically to 'loaf soungs (b/c that HAS to be the point, right?) And often if one's asked to do something s/he doesn't want to do, the response is...

Yep. We're a buncha nerds. Good stuff, J.! :o)

LOVIN' Jessica's guide! HATING having to prep for company this weekend... Grr! That book's on my mind... :D

Kelly@ JustWrite said...

Wow, each of those songs bring back such memories!! I'm a few years older than you, so it was college days for me, but still...and I'm not quite sure what Meatload won't do in that song, but I was always curious!! :)

Jessie said...

Thanks for dropping by the flashback party!

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